Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Starlink:Battle for Atlas is an action-adventure game that allows you to assemble your own custom starship that is mounted to your game game controller to launch an interplanetary adventure. Using modular starships you can mix and match their components and skills in real time as you play.As you venture throughout Atlas you encounter various alien species and form alliances to build your own crew. While forming these alliances it will alter the games world and your own gameplay experience. There is an open world experience that comes along with your journey. While playing you can fly over the planets surface then take off into space in what they are calling a “Seamless” experience. Each planet has their own story, landscape, design and hazards. While there are not only planetary hazards you will have space and land based combat with other creatures and ships as well.

Story of Starlink:Battle for Atlas

Starlink:Battle of Atlas begins when your mothership, the Equinox is ambushed and crashes on a nearby planet and the captain is taken hostage. The group behind the attack is known as the Forgotten Legion. The leader of the group goes by Grax and is obsessed with an extinct race called The Wardens. While Grax is obsessed with The Wardens, his true intentions are to mimic their technology for his own legion.

Starlink:Battle for Atlas Pilots

Calisto Chase da Silva

Chase is a 16-year-old racing phenomenon and fierce competitor from Sam Pablo, Brazil. Despite a racing injury that cost her her left arm and leg, she is as competitive and cheerful as they come.

Hunter Hakka

Hunter is a former black-ops soldier who is on a spiritual quest following a mishap on his last mission. He is descended from Samoan Warriors, and is the loyal protector of the Initiative.

Mason Rana

The newest recruit to the Starlink Initiative, Mason is a genius inventor with big hopes for the future. His Starlink Technology lets the crew easily swap pilots, weapons and starships.


Judge is a powerful alien with a mysterious link to Nova. He was discovered in Earth’s Arctic by St. Grand and is now on a mission to track down his makers and learn more about himself.


Shaid is an Outlaw pirate from the Atlas star system. After years of stealing precious cargo from the galaxy’s most dangerous people, she now wants the Initiative’s help to get revenge on Grax.

Fox McCloud

Ace pilot and leader of the Star Fox Team, Fox McCloud is the legendary defender of the Lylat star system. Fox came to Atlas in pursuit of Wolf O’Donnell and his crew, and he has teamed up with the Starlink Initiative in their fight against Grax and the Forgotten Legion. “Exclusively on Nintendo Switch”

Razor Lemay

A trained fighter pilot and self-professed metal head, Razor serves as the Equinox’s mechanic and combat tactician. She’s tough, proud, and has no time for nonsense. Her hard-earned discipline keeps the whole team focused.

Levi McCray

A West Coast daredevil, extreme sports athlete, and internet star. Levi has no boundaries and always has to be the center of attention. He snuck on board the Equinox back on Earth in search of fame, not realizing how far that choice would take him.

Kharl Zeon

A scatterbrained Expedition scientist who’s happiest at home in the lab. His quick-firing intellect often distracts him from everyday things like social niceties. He harbors a lifelong fascination with the Wardens, and dreams of unlocking their ancient mysteries.

Eli Arborwood

A mysterious old pilot who has escaped a violent past by retreating to a simple Prospector life. He’s been around long enough to have seen the truth of what really happened to Atlas. He’s out of retirement now, and his enemies had better watch out.

Starlink:Battle for Atlas Add-On PacksStarter Pack Lance: $24.99

This pack contains Pilot Hunter Hakka with his unique Pilot Ability, Lance Starship and the Imploder weapon

Starter Pack Pulse: $24.99

This pack contains Pilot Chase with her unique Pilot Ability, Pulse Starship and the Volcano weapon.

Starter Pack Nadir: $24.99

This pack contains Pilot Shaid with her unique Pilot Ability, Nadir Starship and the Nullifier weapon.

Starter Pack Neptune: $24.99

This pack contains Pilot Judge with his unique Pilot Ability, Neptune Starship and the Levitator weapon.

Pilot Pack Eli: $6.99

Enhance your adventure and achieve victory with the Eli Arborwood Pilot pack and his Pilot Ability: Gunslinger – Blast everything with this marksman and his super-fast reflexes.

Pilot Pack Kharl: $6.99

Enhance your adventure and achieve victory with the Kharl Zeon Pilot pack and hi Pilot Ability: Vortex Shield – Return enemy fire with this gravity master.

Pilot Pack Levi: $6.99

Enhance your adventure and achieve victory with the Levi McCray Pilot pack and his Pilot Ability: Danger Zone – Become temporarily invincible with this daredevil.

Pilot Pack Razor: $6.99

Enhance your adventure and achieve victory with the Razor Lemay Pilot Pack and her Pilot Ability: Power Chord – Blow enemies away with this maverick rocker.

Weapons Pack Iron Fist & Freeze Ray Mk 2: $9.99

Iron Fist : Named for the famous Outlaw warlord who invented it, Iron Fist is a brutal close-range shrapnel launcher that smashes through even the most durable defenses. It’s short range was intentionally designed so that’s its creator could look her foes in the eye when they met their end.

Freeze Ray Mk 2 : This advanced weapon is super-up with extra Mod capacity. Charge up and release a high-precision cryolaser that encases targets in ice. Combine Freeze Ray Mk 2’s elemental effect and follow it up with a blast from Iron Fist to unleash the SHATTER Combo on your opponents.

Weapons Pack Crusher & Shredder: $9.99

Crusher : Combining the deadly efficiency of an 8-barrel rotary firearm with a wing-mounted singularity engine gives the Crusher the ferocious power to create miniature Gravity wells around its targets. Any projectiles that get caught in the Gravity well will be drawn inward for bonus damage.

Shredder Mk 2 : This upgraded version of Shredder uses a side-loading chamber to funnel projectiles into its tri-barrel assembly quickly, resulting in a lot more pain per second than the standard variant.

Weapons Pack Hail Storm & Meteor: $9.99

Hailstorm : It adapts the four-barrel rotary technology of the shredder to deliver cryogenic-enhanced projectiles, firing in short, accurate bursts that Frost the target with deadly precision.

Meteor Mk 2 : The supercharged Mk 2 version of the Meteor projects an even more intense field of heat around its user turning them into a flaming ball of fiery death for anyone unlucky enough to get in their way. Combining their cold and heat elemental effects to unleash the THERMAL SHOCK Combo on your opponents.

Weapons Pack Shockwave & Gauss: $9.99

Shockwave : Initially designed as a non-lethal crowd dispersal device, the intensity of Shockwave’s concussive blast wave became much too dangerous for use against anyone except those the user would like to see shattered into a million pieces.

Gauss Gun Mk 2 : Outfitted with additional racks of electromagnetic coils, which are then enhanced with modified kinetic stabilizers, the Mk 2 is a significant improvement on the standard Gauss Gun in every way.

Starlink Battle Co-op Mount Pack: $16.99

Enhance you adventure in Starlink: Battle for Atlas by inviting a friend to join the campaign seamlessly at any time. Using the Starlink: Battle for Atlas controller mount pack will offer you a second controller mount to play with a friend. In the Co-op local mode you are able to combine different load-outs for the ultimate teamwork experience to save Atlas together.

While you can purchase the physical components of this game that allow you to build your custom ships on your controller, you can also play the game digitally and not own the components. If you are interested in the physical components they come in the multiple packs as previously stated.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas comes out on Xbox, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch on October 16, 2018.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

Bendy and the Ink Machine “BATIM” is an episodic first person horror game which takes place in 1966. You play as a retired animator “Henry” who is invited to return to his old studio “Joey Drew Studios Inc.”. Upon returning to the studio you are encountered by creatures created by the Ink Machine.

BATIM is an atmospheric horror survival game that is built around puzzle solving, environment exploration and combat. While this is a first person game you are limited to the actions that your character can do. Different items will be collected to progress through the story. The combat in the game has a strong focus on melee from axes to pipes and also includes firearms. Though there are various enemies in the game, if Bendy does catch up with you there is an instadeath.

With the release of BATIM coming to Xbox, PlayStation and the Switch later this month, the game will come with all 5 chapters. Chapters 1-4 have already been released while chapter 5 is to be released on October 26. With the final chapter coming at the end of the month are you looking forward to visiting Joey Drew Studios Inc.?

Graveyard Keeper!

Recently picked this game up on the Xbox Game Pass and it is a fun play so far. I am still in the early game, figuring out the mechanics and what to do with my time. The art style that they chose works great with the atmosphere of the game. Instead of the basic build up your home and find a wife, here you are building up your graveyard and deciding if you want to serve natural hotdogs or hotdogs made of the dead. I’ll add to this post as I continue, if anyone else has played let me know what you think of the game and some of the decisions you have made. If you have not played and have the game pass I would check this one out.

Unfriended: Dark Web Review

A tolerable POV horror movie that will not give you motion sickness.

Unfriended: Dark Web

A group of friends get together to have their game night over Skype when one of the computers does not belong to one of the players. Once they open some files that should not have been opened, their game night comes to an end.

This film is less cliche than other horror films which makes it watchable. It’s nice to see a semi new approach to the idea of hackers being the antagonist. If you have some free time and want to watch something that does not take all your attention, I will recommend this film.


PlayStation Classic Coming Soon!

After the successful release of the Nintendo NES & SNES consoles over the last two years, it looks like Sony is going to take their chances. With the new Sony PlayStation Classic coming later this year, this will be a must have for the fans and collectors out there. The PlayStation Classic will come pre-loaded with 20 games for all the old-timers and new-comers to enjoy from Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3 & Wild Arms. As for the release date and price of this Collectors Item, it will be available for $100 on December 3rd 2018. For those who have never played any of these classic games, this is what you have to look forward to.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is the seventh main installment to the Final Fantasy series. FFVII has you take control of the protagonist Cloud Strife who is a mercenary hired by AVALANCHE to help take down the corporation of Shinra Electric Power Company. Clouds initial cause for helping AVALANCHE was for personal gain but also keeping a promise to a friend. While bringing done Shinra, Cloud joins forces with many other characters who want the same outcome. There are many characters throughout this game that you will remember for the ages.

Jumping Flash

Jumping Flash is a first person platform game that has you in control of a robotic rabbit named “Robbit”. While in control of Robbit you are searching for missing jet pods that have been scattered throughout the Crater Planet by Baron Aloha. Are you willing to collect all the jet pods, stop Mr. Aloha and save the planet?

Ridge Racer 4

RR4 is an arcade-style racing game that has a strong mechanic in power sliding around corners or drifting. The game focuses on two major ways of conducting the power slide by either using drift or grip.

Tekken 3

Tekken 3 is the third installment of the Tekken Series and is considered one of the greatest games of all times. With this installment it has the same core fighting system and concept it emphasizes on the third axis, allowing you to move your character to the fore and background. Tekken 3 also introduced a new beat em up mini game called “Tekken Force” that plays as a side-scrolling beat em up with all your favorite characters.

Wild Arms

Wild Arms has you taking control of a young boy who named Rudy who has the ability to take control of powerful weapons called Ancient Relic Machines (ARMs). What makes this game stand out from the others was that is was one of the first RPGs on the Sony PlayStation and was one of the few games that featured a Western American setting.


With 15 other games still waiting to be announced for the PlayStation Classic, are there any that you are wanting to replay or for the first timers wanting to try?

What is to come!


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